Brauðrist Bleik

5.990 kr
Virðisaukaskattur innifalinn

LABEL LABEL er merki frá Belgíu með fallegum tré- og þroskaleikföngum

Ah... those cosy breakfast moments with the family! With this wonderful toaster in Label Label house style, your little one will prepare the best toast ever and serves it with toppings at your choice. The toaster is made of high-quality FSC certified wood and was provided with beautiful colours and patterns using child-friendly water based paint.

This wonderful Label Label toaster set completes your child’s kitchenware. From now on your little sweethaert will take care of Sunday brunches. Wake up gently while he/she puts your bread in the toaster, rotates the switch to brown the bread, press down the handle and watch pop out your crispy golden-brown toast. You will have this served on the matching plates and knives with cheese, butter and jam/chocolate/... which are included with the toaster.

The Label Label toaster with accessories is the ideal complement for the fantasy game of each child. Both imagination and creativity are stimulated. Children will learn to interact with others while playing and practicing logical reasoning and eye-hand coordination.

Tip: Complete your breakfast with the Label Label Espresso machine.

  •  36+ mánaða

  • 18,5 x 8,8 x 10,8cm

  • FSC vottað

  • Leikföngin frá LABEL LABEL eru gerð úr óeitraðri málningu og bleki í fullu samræmi við eða yfir nýjustu EN71, ASTM, ST & GB6675 öryggisstaðla leikfanga.