EXIT Flexx pop-up fótboltamörk 120x80cm (2 í pk) - black

6.990 kr
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EXIT Flexx pop-up football goal 120x80cm (set of 2) - black

The EXIT Flexx pop-up football goals are flexible, handy to take along with you and easy to set up. You can have a game of football at any time and at any location, for example at home in the garden, on the school yard or at a camping site.

The black Flexx pop-up football goal come standard in a handy storage bag that you can take anywhere. The goals are set up in a trice and used as soon as you take them out of the bag. The anchoring pins that are included ensure that the pop-up goals remain firmly standing and do not fall over during a game. EXIT Flexx pop-up football goals are for taking along, unpacking and you can start playing!

Standard included:

  • 2 black pop-up football goals (120x80cm)
  • Handy storage bag
  • 6 anchoring pins