Exit Pico steel fótboltamörk samanbrjótanleg 90x60cm (2 í pk) svört

20.720 kr 25.900 kr
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EXIT Pico steel football goal 90x60cm (set of 2) - black

The EXIT Pico steel football goals are not only strong and practical, but are also beautifully designed. With these two football goals, you make every location suitable for a football game in a trice. The EXIT Toys Pico football goals are easy to store and are set up in no time. This means that the football goals do not occupy a permanent place in the garden.

The sturdy black frame of the football goal is galvanised and powder-coated for a long lifespan. Want to challenge your friends to a game of football? With the Pico football goals that is certainly possible!

Standard included:

  • 2 black steel football goals (90x60 cm)
  • Fine-meshed net