Exit Tempo steel fótboltamark 300x200cm grænt/svart

43.900 kr
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EXIT Tempo steel football goal 300x200cm - green/black

The EXIT Tempo steel football goal, in the colours green and black, is robust and has a great shape. The EXIT Toys football goals make it easy for you to practice your football skills on any location. Due to the large size of this football goal there is plenty of room to score and it is a real eyecatcher in your garden.

Three anchors are included with the Tempo football goal, with which the goal can be firmly secured in the ground. The frame is galvanised and powder coated for a long lifespan and the net is attached to the frame in an innovative manner. This way the ball cannot be shot between the frame and the net. The EXIT Tempo steel football goals make playing soccer an absolute ball!

Standard included

  • Green black steel football goal (300x200cm)
  • Three ground anchors