Puckababy - The orginal Piep Swaddler 3/6 mán Off White

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The Puckababy 'Mini' is a sweet sleeping bag for the first months of your baby and is the successor to the Puckababy 'Piep'. If you don't like tight swaddling, this is a good alternative. The Puckababy forms a kind of cocoon, making your baby feel safe and secure. There is another band in the Puckababy, which you can fasten around your baby with Velcro. This prevents your baby from sliding into the Puckababy. You reduce the room to move, just like with tight swaddling, so that your baby automatically finds more rest. By attaching the ribbon at the bottom, you can make the Puckababy longer or shorter. The Puckababy is made of 100% ecological cotton and has good air and heat regulation. The Puckababy is for babies from 3-6 months and also handy for babies'

A unique first months baby sleeping bag for the first months. For a healthy sleeping and feeding rhythm; proven effective against crying, restlessness and poor sleep. Not sleek, beautiful and safe.

• Restless sleeping behavior
• A lot of crying, bad food, short sleep, waking up quickly
• Flailing arms and uncontrolled movements
• Need for more security
• Not wanting or being able to sleep
• To easily reduce tight swaddling

• Not too tight
• Not too hot
• Decomposes easily
• With sleeve zippers for taper off and longer use
• 100% cotton
• Extremely simple and safe
• Great quality
• Awarded the Baby Innovation Award
• Recommended by many baby experts

Height: 62 - 74 cm
Age: 3 to 6 months
Weight: 5.5 to 7.5 kg