Sodasan handsápa - Eldhús 300ml

990 kr
Virðisaukaskattur innifalinn

Kitchen Soap

  • Certified organic vegetable soap to clean hands gently.
  • Rids hands of unpleasant kitchen odours such as onion, garlic or fish and leaves them pleasantly refreshed.
  • Also suitable for cleaning kitchen utensils.
  • Effective against stubborn odours such as nicotine.

Odour-neutralising vegetable oil soap for washing hands with a nourishing effect. Gives your skin a pleasant, natural freshness without masking odours. Can also be used for cleaning cutting boards. Tip: effective against stubborn odours such as nicotine. Can be placed in a practical pump dispenser in kitchens and workshops.

Clean contents

  • 100% ingredients of natural origin.
  • 100% of the ingredients of agricultural origin are from organic farming.
  • Easily and completely biodegradable.
  • Free from synthetic dyes, preservatives and fragrances.
  • Without petrochemicals and GMOs.
  • Without enzymes and microplastics.
  • Vegan.