Sodasan handsápa Citrus& Olive 300ml

790 kr
Virðisaukaskattur innifalinn

Citrus & Olive

  • Certified organic vegetable soap for mild hand and body care.
  • Made with organic olive oil.
  • With fruity notes of citrus, this mild liquid soap provides a refreshing skincare experience.
  • Refillable.

        The delicate foam will leave your hands feeling cared for and clean. Mediterranean lavender notes from essential oils provide a refreshing skincare experience.

        Clean contents

        • 100% ingredients of natural origin.
        • 100% of the ingredients of agricultural origin are from organic farming.
        • Easily and completely biodegradable.
        • Free from synthetic dyes, preservatives and fragrances.
        • Without petrochemicals and GMOs.
        • Without enzymes and microplastics.
        • Vegan.