XKKO Bambus gasbleyjur 70X70 Bláar einlitar 3stk

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XKKO®BMB – muslin diapers made from yarn composed of bamboo viscose and cotton.

If you want to compare this material with a normal or organic cotton it is not easy. XKKO®BMB material is much softerits absorbency is better than cotton´s absorbency. Bamboo viscose is antibacterial. If you follow washing instruction, material is still the same after many washings – still extremely soft, not hard.

Weight and density of XKKO®BMB muslin diapers is much higher than the weight of normal cotton diaper.

Size: 70x70cm

Material: 70% bamboo viscose, 30% cotton

Weight: 90 gr./ps ( about 183 grams per square meter )

Packing: 3ps – this packing contain MIX of 3 colours

Care instruction: washing at 40 celsius degrees

Certificates: XKKO®BMB products hold attestation required by decree of the Ministry of Health Czech republic no. 84/2001 Coll.

Quality Marks: XKKO®BMB products recieved quality marks Czech Quality/Quality Zone

Awards: Czech Nappy of the year 2010